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Drumming Workshop for Class 4

17 November 2014

Class 4 enjoyed an afternoon of drumming. A wonderful lady called Jude came in and led us in a drumming workshop. The drums were called djembe drums. Jude got her drums from Senegal. Senegal is a country in Africa. You hold the djembe drum by tilting it away from you so that the resonator can let all the wonderful sound out. There are three ways of playing the drum; ‘Base’ which is performed by closing all your fingers up and hitting your hand on the skin. ‘Tone’ which is performed by hitting the side of the drum and last but not least the ‘slap’. You slap the drum to make the sound. To finish your piece off you ‘flam’ the drum. We did a conducting game using a stick to wave up and down. One person did this at a time. High meant fast and loud however, low meant slow and quiet. Did you know the skin of the djembe drum is goat’s skin? I thought my drumming experience to be amazing.
Jessica Mistry
Class 4

On October the 21st Class 4 enjoyed an amazing drumming workshop. A wonderful professional lady called Jude came in to talk to us. She brought in 30 big djembe drums from Senegal in Africa. First we sat on the floor and we talked about the drums. She talked about the different parts of the drums and what they were made of. We found out that the top of the drum was made of goat’s skin! The little hole in the bottom of the drum is called the resonator, which is where the sound came out. The bottom of the drum had impressive carvings all the way round it. Soon we got started! First we learnt how to hold it. We had to rest it in between our legs and tilt it so that the sound could come out of the resonator. We played a game where someone had to conduct us with a stick. When that person had the stick high we would have to play the drum fast. When the person held the stick low then we had to go slow and quiet. Class Four had such fun playing that game! After that we had to play rhythms on our djembe drums. When we had learnt and practised the song we performed it to Mr Goddard. It was lots of fun! Jude played the box drum (it was very rhythmic) and we started to sing and do crazy dances! It was fun, brilliant, new, exciting and djembetastic!

Thomas Cragg and Jessica Smith
Class 4


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