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Class 3’s blog

07 October 2015

Where to start my first ever class blog? I know – I will start by saying that, quite honestly, I believe Class 3 is the room in which the most learning has taken place so far this year, if not the whole history of Bramcote C of E. “What a big-headed thing to say!” I hear you incredulously exclaim. But I think it’s true. Not only have the children of Class 3 helped me to learn things about the school and to settle in, but I have helped the children to learn lots of interesting things about our topic, Mathematics and English, and we still have three weeks to go! My first month at Bramcote C of E has gone so quickly! Every single person, from the midday supervisors to the scary Year 6 children, have made me feel welcome, so I want to thank everybody for that.
There are many things I would like to share with you all about our Class’ first few weeks, but I think I will begin with my absolute favourite afternoon in the history of afternoons. Now, if you do not already know or have not already guessed, the topic in class 3 this term is Volcanoes. Almost two weeks ago now, after designing and researching our own Volcano leaflets, sorting through volcanic rocks and ordering the stages of a volcanic eruption, Class 3 and I decided to pretend that Bramcote had its very own stratovolcano – Mount Bramcote. The reason for this was simple. I wanted to test Class 3 to see how well they would react if they really did live next to a volcano and it just so happened to erupt! After quite a few attempts, I was finally able to say that Class 3 is undisputedly the best Class in the whole of the United Kingdom at:
1) Sheltering under their desks during an earth tremor
2) Quickly getting out of the building with their heads covered to stop red hot ash from singing their hair.
Shortly after the children had become confident of survival in the event of a volcanic disaster, we split up into groups and planned a short news bulletin to go out to the world (or the rest of Bramcote) about the imminent volcanic eruption. The result was an overwhelming success - you will be relieved to know that not a single person, house or pet was covered in lava, ash or falling pumice stones during the whole duration of the eruption.
Topic in the next few weeks just keeps getting more and more exciting, as we are currently in the process of building our very own active replicas of five of the most famous volcanoes in the world – Mount St Helens, Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius, Krakatoa and Tambora. As soon as we have finished these, we will take it in turns to make them erupt, and capture it all on video!
The next blog you read will (hopefully) be far better written than this, as I hope to ‘hand the baton’ over to the children in Class 3, and I am confident there will be lots more interesting things to tell you about. Until next time,

Mr Burton and Class 3


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