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Amazing Archaeology with Class 3

21 April 2016

Class 3 are all very excited this term – our topic is Stone Age to Iron Age. We all had so many questions that needed answering when we found out just how far back in history the Stone Age started. What did the people look like? What did they wear? Where did they live? What did they eat? The list goes on.
However, we realised that finding information about this period of history is rather tricky because there are no written accounts of what happened, no pictures and certainly no people alive today who could tell us about it. To demonstrate just how tricky it is to know what happened back then, we looked into the rubbish bins of every class in the school to find out what they had all done that morning. So much was missing, but we were also able to make guesses about what happened and when.
In order to discover what life was like all those years ago, we found that we would have to make educated guesses about what it would have been like by looking at objects (called artefacts) they used. Over all this time, these objects were buried by dust and soil and are only uncovered by accident or by people called archaeologists whose job it is to dig them up. But that threw up another problem: we don’t have any artefacts.
Luckily, Mr Burton has been doing research on his computer and has found that there may actually be a prehistorical site UNDER THE SCHOOL GROUNDS, so we haven’t given up hope of finding some artefacts yet. So next week we will be getting out our trowels, brushes and scrapers and turning part of the school field into an archaeological site.
We will keep you posted about the results of our upcoming archaeological dig, and we hope to unearth some artefacts that will help us to find out more about the people of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Ages


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